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Jessamine County, Kentucky
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Jessamine County 911
Public Safety Center
101 South 2nd Street
Nicholasville, KY 40356
Telephone: (859) 887-2987
The E-911 public education program focuses on educating the public on the appropriate use of 9-1-1. This program has proven to be effective in reducing the overall number of 9-1-1 calls over the years and in reducing the number of inappropriate 9-1-1 calls. The public is encouraged to call 9-1-1 when they need an emergency response from police, fire, or emergency medical personnel. If general information or non-emergency assistance is needed, non-emergency telephone numbers for police and fire departments or other government services should be called. The non-emergency telephone numbers for police and fire departments are printed on the front cover of most telephone directories, and are also available along with other government listings in the blue pages of the directories.

JESSAMINE COUNTY 9-1-1 welcomes the opportunity to teach you more about the use of "9-1-1".  We are available to speak at your next:

  • Club Meeting
  • Safety Meeting
  • Classroom
  • Staff Meeting
  • Neighborhood Watch Meeting
  • Etc.        
If you would like a presentation about our organization or how you
can better prepare yourself to call 9-1-1, contact Shelby Horne at
(859) 887-2987 for more information.
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